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在拉丁美洲 we are trying to create an atmosphere that makes the children feel engaged and challenged at the right level. I want them to know that it is o.k. to make mistakes and that it is o.k. 向他们学习.

Danyelle Post, JK Teacher

The 较低的学校 is a place where children are treasured, where eager learners are encouraged to take the next step, to ask the next question and to 发现 the next truth.

Our 学生 publish their own books, 把戏剧, 主持艺术节目, participate in interscholastic athletics, and work on community service projects, all while building the educational foundation that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.

新太阳城的低年级教师在幼儿教育和初等教育方面得到了广泛的培训. Our 老师 use a team approach, gathering input from 父母 and on-工作人员 learning resource specialists—as well as their own close observations—to customize their teaching methods and content to address each child’s strengths and interests.



本奥林, acclaimed math educator and author, 参观了低, middle and 上学校 math departments on Thursday, 3月3日.
He popped into 上 School Math Teacher Zach McArthur's calculus class and fielded questions on Gabriel's horn, 一个有着无限表面积却只有有限体积的神秘人物, as well as Koch's snowflake and the coastline of California, which both turn out to have infinite length.

He also spent the afternoon playing math games with the math 老师 in preparation of the release of his new book, "Math Games with Bad Drawings."





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LS BHM Black Achievement

The Writing and Reading Workshops' informational unit gives fourth grader 学生 the opportunity to improve skills around re搜索ing, note-taking and summarizing and synthesizing nonfiction text.

Students in all three fourth grade homerooms spent weeks re搜索ing Black American inventors and makers, 作家和艺术家, 运动员和活动家. 照亮黑人的成就是学生们工作的一个重要方面. Culminating projects include a re搜索-focused paragraph, 一张海报, and a Google slide deck to present to their peers.


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100th day of school 2022

On the 100th day of school, we celebrate. Senior kindergarten 学生 participated in lots of activities focusing on… math, of course!

SK 学生 rotated through four math stations:

1. Hop, Skip and Jump to 100 

2. 10帧保龄球 
Students knock down pins with a ball in a 10 frame formation. 学生们记录每一轮被击倒的木瓶的数量. The idea is to see groups and not count and to use the structure of 10 (with the 10 frame) to find out how many pins are knocked down. 

3. 快走,快走 
pretend to throw a snowball
grow tall like a snowman

掷第二个骰子来显示每个动作的速度(快速、缓慢和正常). After performing the movement 10 times, 学生们使用10帧和动作图标来记录掷骰子的过程. 在旋转结束时,他们会数一数自己滚动了多少次. 

4. 投掷-一百一十 
Students pick a bean bag numbered one through nine. They throw the bean bag on one part of the mat. (example: a student picks the bean bag with "7" on it). 
The student then needs to make a 10 by throwing the correct number of bean bags on the other side of the mat (with 7, they need to pick 3 bean bags to throw). 



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Dr. 马丁·路德·金.

Latin's theme for 马丁·路德·金. Day of Commemoration 2022 was "Nourishing Our Sense of Belonging: Embracing Our Identities as Individuals and as a Community.“周三, 1月19日, 这三个部门的学生都进行了深思熟虑的对话, meaningful reflection and impactful experiential learning. 

After beginning their day with Eboo Patel, 学生 participated in a variety of workshops: one that centered on what it means to "belong" at Latin, in which all 学生 participated, and two other workshops of their choosing. 例如, 学生 in the Lindy Hop/Swing workshop learned that swing was the first public 社会 event to be racially integrated and got to try some moves; 学生 in "Data Analysis and the Economics of Educational Inequities" explored the correlation between educational opportunities and other variables by analyzing statistics; and 学生 in "Exploring Gender: First and Next Steps" reflected on their own ideas about gender and what contributes to people's ideas about gender, 同时探索历史和文化上人们表达方式的例子, 体现, and lived with their own genders. 


在下午, 中学 学生 participated in a variety of teacher-led workshops that celebrated the day. Sessions such as "If You Went to a Protest" or "Censorship & 《新太阳城网址》强调了争取平等和正义的斗争仍在继续, while other sessions highlighted the arts, 比如在《新太阳城》中探索音乐与诗歌之间的联系, 诗歌, and Prose" and learning about a warrior dance that originated in Mali called "Sofa: Warriors Stay Strong; Stay United.“在一天结束的时候, 学生 had a chance to reflect on their experiences with the advisory and talk about the ways they feel a sense of belonging at Latin. 


The 较低的学校 MLK Day of Commemoration was filled with experiential learning throughout the day. Students and faculty kicked off the day with a community assembly on Zoom which highlighted messages of peace, 非暴力, 并采取行动. 当地艺术家英迪拉·弗雷塔斯·约翰逊(Indira Freitas 约翰逊)以“改变一件事”的理念启发了新太阳城," fourth grade student speakers shared their small actions that contribute to an inclusive community, 和一个LS 社区的幻灯片 展示了许多方式,身份,多样性和归属感的培养. 在白天, 学生 engaged in grade level workshops, 大声地读, team-building activities, 并参与了一个特别的艺术项目,由新太阳城的客座艺术家设计和推动, Ms. 约翰逊. 




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窗户 & 镜子在拉丁

新太阳城为孩子们提供了不只看到自己的机会, 还有其他人, 文化, 观点和想法.

礼仪, 善良, 和文明

- the 较低的学校 motto

新太阳城珍视拉丁语给新太阳城的孩子提供决心的潜力, resilience and curiosity to be successful in the world.


How We Approach Teaching and 学习ing


Latin's excellent caliber of 老师, coupled with strong resources, allows us to implement the best of re搜索-based practices. 在拉丁美洲, we understand that learning is not linear, 错误往往是最重要的学习机会. 新太阳城允许学生在他们自己的好奇、挑战和韧性中引导你.

较低的学校主任 幸福托宾 

In a responsive classroom, the exercise of naming 希望和梦想 is critical to feeling personally connected to and engaged in learning.

较低的 school 学生 took the school's theme of action to heart and defined things they hoped to accomplish over the course of the school year.





Singing the praises of Singapore math

As part of the 较低的学校 新加坡数学 curriculum, 四年级的老师Amanda Schirmacher指出,她的学生喜欢分享他们的方法, 用她的平板电脑拍下这一方法的照片后,她可以把它投射到屏幕上吗. 她说:“他们在演讲和演讲技巧方面越来越得心应手。. "It enables them to be confident in sharing their thinking,“这项技能将在他们进入初中和高中时很好地发挥作用. "The earlier you find your voice, the better," she said.


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Brittani Fowlin

Brittani Fowlin

标题: 较低的学校 Division Assistant
度: B.A. University of Maryland, College Park


标题: Assistant 较低的学校主任
度: B.A. 惠顿学院
MEd National Louis University


标题: 较低的学校主任
度: B.A. 耶鲁大学
MEd University of Chicago


Nurturing Inquisitive Minds

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