A coeducational day school serving students JK-12

拉丁艺术课程激发创造力, encourage students to pursue their passions and provide avenues to develop new skills.


Latin’s arts program promotes success in a nurturing environment that helps students develop self-esteem, gives them freedom to learn from taking artistic risks and encourages them to take pride in their accomplishments. Students have many opportunities to share their art with others through 公众音乐会, 戏剧, 展品, 出版物和报告.

  • 美联社工作室艺术
  • 计算机辅助设计:建筑制图 & 设计 
  • 计算机图形设计
  • 数字视觉艺术
  • 数码影像
  • 图1 & 2
  • 时装设计
  • 电影制作
  • 全球视觉艺术研究
  • 独立学习 
  • 现代艺术历史
  • 摄影1 & 2
  • 观察画
  • 雕塑1 & 2 
  • 工作室绘画


I decided that doing this ISP would be beneficial in making me a more well-rounded videographer.


The 独立学习 Program (ISP) at Latin offers students the opportunity to discover their passions and learn about a topic that is tailored to their interests. 作为ISP电影制作课程的一部分, the final project was to create a film featuring in-depth interviews with multiple sources, including a Latin alum who works in the cybersecurity field. 新闻 coverage surrounding popular social media platform TikTok and its potential concern with cybersecurity inspired the concept of this upper school student's film.


透过表演艺术课程, 公众音乐会, 戏剧和演讲, students cultivate skills that include learning technique, 命名法, 倾听对方的能力, 分享想法, 一起工作, and be able to take creative risks in a safe and nurturing environment. Students have many opportunities to share their art with others through 公众音乐会, 戏剧和演讲.

表演课使用即兴表演, 现场研究, and games to work toward the goal of creating a real, 舞台上真实的世界. In doing so, students learn about themselves and the world around them. They are encouraged to look at life in a new way, and explore the world from the viewpoint of someone else. The acting curriculum has three levels: 代理公司, Intermediate Acting, and 推进d Acting.

  • 代理公司
  • 即兴表演公司
  • 演讲
  • 编剧才能
  • 风合奏
  • 芝加哥的舞蹈
  • 舞蹈技术
  • 舞蹈公司
  • 舞蹈指导
  • 编剧/导演
  • 介绍音乐
  • 技术
  • 音乐理论

Participating in middle school and high school productions taught me so much about empathy and creative expression, 随着年龄的增长, I realized how much those skills in particular prepared me for leadership in the Latin community and beyond.



When students are conscious and proactive about learning, it provokes a more personal response to engaging with the material.


The upper school 推进d 代理公司 class performed the play “Silent Sky” by Lauren Gunderson during the 2018-19 school year. This true story of 19th-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, whose quest to measure the distance of stars begins at Harvard Observatory and ends up changing our understanding of the universe.

推进d 代理公司 is made up of juniors and seniors who have taken classes in the upper school acting curriculum. The course culminates in a production fully produced and managed by students. With the rehearsal process embedded into class time throughout the semester, it allows the cast and crew to delve deeper into the play, spending more time on script and character analysis, 整体建设和戏剧创作, while also providing students opportunities to oversee behind-the-scenes work like costume and makeup design.




新太阳城展示学生和教师的艺术 & 员工、校友和专业艺术家.

One of the reasons why theater is so important is that it teaches empathy and presentation skills, and I found myself applying both to my schoolwork outside of the shows.


Because of the amazing art 老师 I had at Latin, I was able to become confident in the fact that art is what I enjoy doing more than anything else.


  • 音乐剧和非音乐剧戏剧作品
  • 学生艺术展览
  • VIDI 摄影杂志
  • ECCO 文艺杂志
  • 年鉴俱乐部
  • Latones & Romanettes (male and female a capella groups), Gospel Choir, Student/教师 Chorale
  • opportunities to participate in talent shows and improv performances
  • 私密语音/仪器指令