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We are fortunate to have an amazingly diverse community of independent thinkers who leave Latin with a life-long love of learning and a passion to make their mark on the world. 满足新太阳城的changemakers计划.

We are always on the lookout for more alumni of note. If you know of a Latin alumnus/a who should be on our list, please contact us at alumni@flaircolors.com. 一定要向下滚动查看 罗马人,朋友 & 同胞视频系列, featuring in-depth interviews with alumni doing interesting and innovative work.

"It was great to always be encouraged to really reach my potential without fear of failure."

查理Tribbett 02

"Latin builds intellectual and emotional intelligence."

杰西卡Cogswell 03

艺术 & 娱乐

  • 丹妮尔·韦斯伯格,2004年,联合创始人 theSkimm
  • Fashion designer for Calvin Klein, Samantha Schlade '97
  • Fashion designer of Boy Meets Girl, Stacy Morgenstern Igel '95
  • 演员兼作家艾克·巴里霍尔兹,95年
  • Billy Dec ’90, owner Rockit Ranch restaurant and entertainment development company
  • 1987年,女演员劳拉·贝尔
  • Nina Shapiro Gordon '85 and Jim Shapiro '83 of the band Veruca Salt
  • 1982年的电视编剧兼制片人布拉德利·贝尔
  • WGN电台主持人,Roe Conn '82
  • Restaurateur Doug Sohn '80, owner of Hot Doug’s
  • Television producer and writer Carol Mendelsohn '69
  • 演员兼制片人鲍勃·巴拉班,1963年
  • Musician Roger McGuinn '60, founding member of The Byrds
  • 雕刻家克拉斯·奥尔登堡46年
  • Co-founder of Lyric Opera, Carol Fox Flanagan '41

业务 & 慈善事业

  • 实业家威廉·瑞格利50年
  • 商人威廉·维尔茨,47年
  • 36年,慈善家布鲁克斯·麦考密克

政府 & 政治

  • Sadaf Jaffer '01, Mayor of Montgomery Township, NJ
  • Former Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias '94
  • Former Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan 84
  • Former Illinois State Representative John Fritchey (D-Chicago) ’82
  • U.S. 63年的巡回法院法官道格拉斯·金斯伯格
  • 前参议员阿德莱. 史蒂文森三世的48
  • 前第一夫人南希·戴维斯·里根,39岁
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan '16


  • Equestrian and Olympic Silver Medalist Kent Farrington '99
  • Professional tennis player Laura Granville '99
  • Professional soccer player Johanes Maliza '99
  • Professional baseball player John Groth '45

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